Vintage Makeup: My Small Collection

Makeup is something that really interests me , not only buying new makeup and trying it out all day but also vintage makeup. I find the retro packaging and the shades that were on trend in the time it was produced so interesting. Here I have included a few photos of some vintage makeup I have.


This is a Christian Dior lipstick that was my grannie’s. As you can see from the photo there is still some left and it is a reddy-brown colour. The lipstick is called 636 Tailleur and has a sheen finish. They no longer make this colour (not that I could find anyway!) but you can buy it on eBay.


This is a Max Factor lipstick which is my Mum’s. The finish is called moisture rich and it’s in the shade 16 Indian Spice. It’s a coral-pink colour (although it doesn’t look like it in the photo) which I actually think is really pretty! They don’t make this anymore but you can get other moisture rich lipsticks on amazon.

DSCN1966                                     DSCN1962

This is the oldest item I have and I think it’s from the 1940’s-1950’s. It is a Vogue Vanities Powder Compact with an enamel elephants and giraffe pattern on the front. The puff is made from swans down which made it very soft and from my research, it says the pattern is a baby shower theme (I don’t know whether that’s right though so don’t hold me to it!)


This is a 1950’s powder compact from Max Factor. It’s called Hi-Five and is in the shade Honey Haze which is very pink toned. From researching this i think it would have originally come in a set with a lipstick as well but I bought it in an antique shop and there wasn’t a lipstick with it.

I hope you found this interesting, it is something I’m very interested in. If you have any vintage makeup tell me what it is and when its from in the comments. If you would like anymore posts about vintage makeup let me know.

Love Alice x


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