I went to Berlin with my school last week and it was very exciting as 1) I love to travel and 2) Even though I love travelling I don’t get to do it very often, let alone abroad to a city with so much to see.

The trip was a history trip so we went to see a lot of things to do with the Nazis, Hitler and Germany during the 1918-1945 period, but we also went to a lot of sight-seeing things like The TV Tower and the Brandenburg Gate (although that was to do with Hitler). My favourite part of the trip was seeing the whole city from the top of the TV tower and the Reichstag, we went at night and all the lights were so pretty *sighs*

Here are some of the photos I took whilst I was there:


The Brandenburg Gate


Str. des 17 Juni


In the Reichstag


The Holocaust Memorial


The Holocaust Memorial


The Roma Sinti Memorial – this was beautiful and felt so calming


The TV Tower


In Berlin the red and green men wear hats!


Berlin Cathedral

I hope you enjoyed reading this and it gave you an idea of how beautiful Berlin is. Maybe you’ll visit one day? I didn’t include any of the photos of the more Nazi historical stuff because its was more for my course and the photos aren’t very nice to look at.

Thanks for reading

Alice x


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