A Quick Update and My Current Fave Eye Look

UPDATE: First of all, sorry I didn’t put a post up last week, I was abit disappointed in myself as it was the first time I hadn’t in eight weeks! It’s getting closer and closer to exams at the moment so if everything goes quiet for a while now I haven’t disappeared and I’ll be back when exams are over. Hopefully my posts will be a lot better too because I’ll have more time to spend on them and I’ll have enlisted the help of my friend Emily who is an incredible photographer!

THE EYE MAKEUP: It’s very simple and I definitely knew about it before, it just hadn’t really occurred to me how easy it was and how good it looked with so little effort. It takes no time as well which is always good when you have a bus to catch! So I guess you want to know what it is now. Smudged eyeliner on your upper lash line. Some of you might have read that and gone, ‘yeah, duh, I do that all the time, it’s practically my go-to’. Well it is now mine too! I just take a pencil eyeliner and draw a messy line along my upper lash line and then use and eye brush to smudge it out. I use black or brown eyeliner usually but when the weather gets warmer I might use more brighter colours, experiment a bit. I think blue would look nice with a coraly-pink lipstick.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Alice x


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