A Healthy Breakfast


Recently my usual cereal hasn’t been keeping me full up until break time so I needed to find something that does. I know porridge is a really healthy breakfast and it keeps you really full but I’ve never really been a massive fan of it so I need a way of making myself like it. This is in no way an original idea but i thought I’d share it with you anyway.


Porridge oats

Water or milk (any kind)

Agave nectar

Frozen fruit of your choice


  1. Make the porridge in the normal way you usually. I use half a mug of porridge oats and a full mug of almond milk.
  2. Pour your porridge into a bowl and top with your frozen fruit of choice, I use berries as I think they’re the nicest but you can change it up and use whatever you want to!
  3. Drizzle on some agave nectar for some added sweetness (blackurrants can be sour!) and voila!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some breakfast inspo! Thanks for reading.

Love, Alice



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