Brew and Brownie

Recently I went for lunch with my Mum at Brew and Brownie in York and it was SO GOOD!! Really too good not to share on here!



The cafe is on Lendal in York right opposite the Archive Library and Museum Gardens, which is one of my favourite areas of York. The outside of the cafe just looks so appealing and friendly, not to mention all the cakes in the window drawing me in!! I also love the shop sign and logo a lot. I didn’t get to try their American pancake stack but I’ve heard they’re so so so good and a woman next to me had one and it looked delish.



As you can see it is beautiful inside too, I love the brick tiles, the jar lights and the rustic wood surfaces so much! The atmosphere was also lovely and the staff working there were sososo friendly.






I had Smashed Avocado and Bacon on Sourdough Toast and Crunchie Brownie and it was IIIIINNNNCREDIBLE. I could just do with one of those brownies right now. The smashed avo was delicious and another thing I noticed, looking at my food and everyone else’s, it’s all beautifully presented. It even had fancy purple leaves on top of the smashed avo! The crunchie brownie was also delicious, so gooey and sticky which I think is how they should be. And even though they were so chocolatey they weren’t sickly. Perfect! I was also looking at the Oreo Brownies but I’ve made them before myself so I decided to go for something a bit different, but as you can see they also look amazing!


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