Frustration, Feeling Trapped and Dreams and Aspirations

Recently I’ve been feeling very trapped and frustrated by school and work and the area where I live.

I live in a small village in the countryside and to get to any town it’s at least a 15 minute drive. Slight problem no. 1, I can’t drive yet. Slight problem no. 2, my parents are not a taxi service (although they do their best for clubs etc.). Slight problem no.3, there are no buses to or from my village. So you can probably see why I feel trapped. I’m sure a lot of people my age have this problem and feel frustrated so I’m not alone but at the moment all my head is screaming is I WANT TO GO SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE, WHERE THINGS HAPPEN!

School is also making me feel trapped. Don’t get me wrong I quite enjoy school, I can see my friends, I enjoy (most) of the subjects I’m doing but I’ve been in this routine for 8 years of my life and that might not seem long but it feels agesssss and I’m honestly a bit bored of it. The work load for A-level is so much and although I was expecting it to be hard, I just have no motivation to do any of it. Par exemple, right now I should be doing my french homework or revising for mocks which are in two weeks (crap!) but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Even getting bad grades doesn’t give me a kick up the bum to get going anymore.

Another reason for feeling trapped right now is because I’m a dreamer. Always have been, always will be. At the moment the place I want to be is London. I think about it everyday and my friends and family are probably sick of hearing me talk about it but it’s where I want to be more than anything. Another big dream is to study makeup artistry and because I’m getting bored of studying what I’m studying at the moment, it leads me to constantly think about what I’d rather be doing. Another thing constantly on my mind is TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL. I want to see the world so badly. I follow so many amazing Instagrammers and YouTubers who go to incredible places and I just wish I could get on a plane at the drop of a hat. Having said that, I am going to India this summer with my Ranger unit which I’m hoping will be loads of fun, watch out for a blog post coming your way!

I think that is the end of my rant/vent. I any of you feel like this, let me know, let’s have a chat about it in the comments?!

Thanks for reading

Love Alice x