Elegant Touch Nails

I’ve been wanting to try false nails for a while now since Zoe (Zoella) included them in a favourites video and yesterday I picked up some Elegant Touch ones in Boots and I thought I’d give them a go. Here are my thoughts…

Firstly they are so easy to apply, just brush on the glue and press the nail on for 4 seconds, the glue dries so quickly! Secondly they look so good because they are thinner near the nail bed so they just blend upwards from the cuticle. They are also so comfortable to wear because they’re really flexible and fit to the shape of your nail really well. The colour I got is the Polished Garnet ones because I liked the autumnal look of the wine red colour but there are so many more interesting colours and designs which I want to try, they even have rose gold metallic ones! The only thing I would say about them is that if you have smaller nails you might find it hard fitting them because, and especially on the thumb nail, they are quite wide. I also had to trim down the nail on my thumb because it looked too long but they look completely fine when they’ve been trimmed and filed down.



My Go-To Nails – March 2016

The first nail polish is one from Barry M called Pit Stop. It’s from the Speedy Quick Dry range which definitely lives up to it’s name, they dry super fast which is a win for me because I’m so impatient! Β I think the colour is really nice and I’m really into grey tones at the moment. This one is a slightly beigey-grey which is really nice if you want something pale and not too statement. Even without a topcoat this polish lasts for about 5 days without chipping which is really good consider some more expensive nail polishes can’t do that! The finish of this is also really smooth and glossy.


The next nail polish is by Ciate and is called Pillow Fight which I think is a great name! It’s a stormy grey colour with purple undertones and is a lot darker than Pit Stop. This also has a really long staying power and is pretty chip resistant. I’d say unlike Pit Stop that this is more of a statement colour and people always notice it on me (in a good way, I get a lot of compliments). This is more expensive than the Barry M one but is still under Β£10 so not bad. The finish of this is the same as the Barry M and it’s so glossy! Love it ❀


Hope you enjoyed reading and this gave some nail inspiration or maybe just made you want to buy more nail polishes… that would be me, I’m addicted, I need help.

Thanks for reading

Alice x